Catering truck to be fixed

Hello peps I know this topic has been going around in the forum for quite some time now but, with the new update coming soon™️ I would like to ask for the catering truck to be fixed,

As we can see here the catering truck goes to close to the aircraft shown, when it lifts the main part that a person would walk on does not go up to the door. I have seen this on many aircraft bar the 777 fleet, I hope this gets fixed as it is rather unrealistic and annoying. Thank u for reading, and good day.

I wouldn’t put this in the Support category as it’s a know issue to everyone.

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General then?

Well well well

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That’s not a catering truck lol…

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That’s what I was abt to say😂

Well well well. Catering truck for people.

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Bro nahhh 😂

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I noticed this problem mostly on the A320 and 737 series

Yes and 757,787,747 etc quite a bit of aircraft has this problem

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