Category for Complaining ATC Reports

Hey there!

I am very upset that all single days there is a topic at the highest part of the community with the same scheme. Inquiring about ATC reports.

So I suggest making a category, or a section like the #lounge for TL3, that it could be accessible by all users. This section would be totally devoted to attending all those complains about IFATC.

Topics would be unlisted at the rest of categories, but when accessing the section, would be obviously listed.

I think that this urges and would be better for a more specialized and civilized community.

Do not hesitate to delete if it is a duplicate!

Cheers, all!

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We don’t need a category. As stated in many different posts. All report inquiries are to be done via PM. If someone makes a topic we will get them in touch with the controller, make it a PM and handle it from there.


And to add what Chris said, #features are for app features. Forum suggestions goes into #meta :)