Category for Apps

What about a category for third party apps?

People are always asking questions about the available apps.
There’s also some misunderstanding about the category they should be put into.

A separate category would be the solution.


Not sure I completely understand this. Are you saying we need an app category for those people who make/have Infinite Flight apps and should share them?

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Fully agree ;)

So they can be easily found.

Ahh, I understand. With a little more activity and app development for Infinite Flight, I think this could be a reality.

Will see what comes around :)

I like this idea but maybe we could merge it into another category since not many people create apps for IF. There are only about 5-7 Third party apps out there.

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Maybe a subcategory of the Developer category for apps? #developer:liveflight, #developer:infinitepilots, etc.

The amount is growing.

  • Life Flight Connect
  • Community Apps
  • Flight Trackers
  • Checklists

A place where they can all be found might be a good idea.


I would actually love this btw what is the app for checklists

Flight Simulator Checklist! (Android)

And thanks for proving my point. 😉

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I love this idea and fully support it 😄😉😉

As @CaptainDawud said, merging this into a current category would fix it. Suggestion:


Cross Developer


That would be a bit sticky, wouldn’t it? ;)

Anyways: Correction, “good”.

I personally like “Applications” over “Apps”. Makes it look professional.



It would work, I thought it might cause confusion. “Applications” People would think of applications for positions ;)

Anyway, I do prefer applications since it looks more formal.

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Well, “Apps” could mean applications for positions too, right? ;)


Where all hoping @Henrik. ;)

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