Category 4 Cyclone flyouts 230200ZMAR19

Server: Casual

Airport: YPDN

Time: 0200Z

NOTAM: Do you find FNF ending yet you still wanna gain more xp? For the second time in history, two Cat 4 Cyclones will cross Australia’s coast within a day of each other. These storms will see 100knot+ winds providing great xp gaining experience


Cyclone Trevor and Cyclone Veronica are two Category 4 cyclones expected to cross Australia’s coast within the next day or so. These bring strong winds to surrounding airports allowing for great xp gaining and challenging your flying capability.


The flyout happens at Darwins airport, a midway point between the two storms, where users can fly the C130 or any aircraft they choose, to the Cyclonic storms.
The best airports to experience the winds are

  • Borroloola Airport (YBRL) (Cyclone Trevor, 50knot winds at the airport, 100knot winds when flying toward the eyewall)
  • Port Hedland Airport, YPPD (61knot winds at the airport, 90knot winds near the eyewall.)

Flyout time will be around 2019-03-23T02:00:00Z but feel free to enjoy the storms at a later date. If you wish to fly out as a group, state name and aircraft and you will be listed.

  • Gate 01
  • Gate 01W
  • Gate 02
  • Gate 03
  • Gate 04
  • Gate 05
  • Gate 06
  • Gate 07
  • Gate 08
  • Gate 09

Evacuations are in place but properties are still in the way of this storm, my thoughts do go out to those who have properties in the way. I do hope people stay safe so we can get out of these storms with 0 deaths.


Something’s wrong with your event’s time… 220200ZMAR means it already passed (0200Z on March 22). Currently it’s about 1230Z on March 22. Is this event supposed to be on the 23rd?

Whats the status of this event? Is it over? @AndrewRG10

Meant to be 23rd, hasn’t passed yet

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