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Hello community members!

It has been 88 days since my last spotting topic, so its time to do a little bit of recap. These photos are from various locations, dates, etc., but I will include a caption for each to explain a little bit.

Over-edited Southwest 737-700 settling down on runway 10 at KBWI

United 737-900ER rotating off of runway 15R at KBWI

Cute little Contour at the same location as the previous photo, departing off for Macon, GA

Alaska 737-900ER moments before landing on runway 33L at KBWI, I’ll add this was taken while spotting with @AndrewWu, who was in the area. Was great to meet you, Andrew!

Same location as previous photo, but this time a beautiful “Smiley-Jet” American A319 in the PSA heritage livery

Different edit of a Delta mini-maddog (717/MD95), approaching 33L at BWI

Catch of “Hops the Rabbit”, a Frontier A320neo, about to land on a very-rarely-landed-on runway 15R

Wingview of a United 737-800 descending over Lake Michigan, approaching Chicago O’Hare Airport

The beautiful night sights of Manhattan and Sully’s infamous landing strip, on an American A319 en route KLGA-KDCA

To close it out, here is a suprisingly sharp pan of a Delta 767-400 slowing down in ATL

Thanks for looking, I hope you enjoyed the photos. I can’t promise the frequency of @Moritz with his posts, but I try my best to post every once in a while.

Stay home guys!


Epic shots! I should really get back to BWI spotting. I only know one good location. 😂

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Great shots! I really enjoy our community plane spotters :)

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Very nice! BWI is in my trifecta of favorite US airports (along with AUS and CLT)!

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Next time you’re turning over a city at night, take a long exposure. you’ll be pleasantly surprised :)


Yeah, my hands are not steady enough for that. Kudos to anyone who does have hands like that.
I think this one was like 1/10, and I had to bump up the ISO a tad so the light would equalize. Even that was hard for me.

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Yeah, it is a tad blurry. At this point, I either go for a 1/50 or higher. If I tried to do the long exposure it’d be around 3’’, which is pretty tricky.

There is always the wing option!



I see that Canyon Blue in the background…

I caught this plane back at DEN in January! Nice pictures as always!


Cant wait for covid to pass to see more post like this! Awesome…

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This makes me miss NYC. I love the shot.


Yessir nice to meet you too. Although I oddly don’t remember that Alaska lol. Guess I got caught up in all the Southwest


was desolate yesterday. The ramp agents were so bored they were throwing a ball to each other. Although I did meet an idol of mine as World Atlantic Airlines flight 700 (MD-83) was coming in from SXM. There were 4 spotters there yesterday although when AF1 came in a few months back, there were maybe 7x that.


Yeah this one came in a few minutes after you left I think :(

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Beautiful pictures!

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Those are some good photos. Love the 767-400, one of my favorite looking planes, unpopular opinion? Thought so 😂

Either way wish we got more up here, too bad 767s are disappearing, but the 787 is a worthy successor…

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These 3 are just…


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WOW! love these… I like all the different and cool perspectives and aircraft!

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