Catching the chrome 772! @JFK

super excited to be among the first people to catch the new chrome 772 landing at JFK on her delivery flight from GUS!!

tell me what y’all think of the new livery!!!

this is satire


where’s the landing lights?

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yes it’s fake


Infinite flight isn’t that good lucking lol

switch it back 👉👈🥺

Welcome to the forum @AviationFreak, unfortunately, the Spotting category is meant for real life photos and videos only. Screenshots and Videos is better suited for Infinite Flight in-game screenshots and videos. You can read the guidelines to that specific category here:

Enjoy your time here! :)


It’s an old pic! Wasn’t repainted :(

Look closely on the wingights, you can see that they are on.

Landing lights are located on the joint where the wing meets the fuselage. Not the wingtips

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it was a joke about the infinite flight landing lights

I didn’t say the wingtips, it was a typo. I was meant to say wing lights.

Oh, It’s a bit hard to tell lol

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Damn it I got excited, and for what?


On the bright side, American hinted at making a heavy airliner in the Chrome livery under a week ago on their IG. It’s possible to happen soon.


Is this plane discontinued?

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