Catastrophic Grand Canyon Crashes

@MrMrMan and I stepped in the F-22 and flew a bit around the Grand Canyon in Arizona and got to see an amazing scenery. However, since we were going very high speeds, I lost control of my aircraft and stalled. It got so bad that at one point I was literally facing down into the big canyon at -100,000fpm. I have no idea how it was possible but the following video captured the moments following the crash. Warning epilepsic people now, this is not a joke


If you had kept going you would have launched out the other side and gone to space!


This must be what it looks like when you are on a plane crash

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Looks like start roll for charlie chaplin movie


If you don’t quit and keep going (only on casual) you will get to the other side of the world and get launched in space

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Was that why?hahaha