Catastrophe at IF


The last couple days I was busy, so I thought: Today I’ll fly again, so I went on TS and I thought ok, looking at how many airports were busy, but as they say here in germany where I am, it’s quality, not quantity, and I’m saying this due to the experience i’ve just made:

Filed the flight plan, started the plane, asked for pushback, but where’s the ATC? He probably had the longest coffee break in his life since he wasn’t online for half an hour, so I did the pushback myself. After another couple minutes, I finally got my taxi instruction, appearently, an A330 doesn’t move, if the rudder’s all the way to the right, sry, my bad. As the plane finally moved, a B737 tried to challenge me out of the parking lots by cutting into me, after a short time, ATC said bye bye, afterwards he gave me clearance for takeoff, but a plane just cut into the runway wich was supposed to land somewhere else, luckally, I stopped before he made a landing that makes Ryanair look fabulous. After that, I barely got the plane on the runway, then of course it rolled like butter! In conclusion I was pissed off, closing the app wich has participants playing like baybies, knowing that I’m on TS, only because I was changing frequency and some guy at ES ghosted me for that without further response, after the DM

Guys, this has got to stop, can someone pls take control?


Well unfortunately this is TS so there’s not much you can do, try and get your grade up to grade 3 and then you can fly in expert. You’ll enjoy it a lot more!

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There is nothing that can be done. @TimShan05 is completely correct in what he says: expert server is the way to go.

Ghosting and violations still exist on training server, but it will always be full of noobs and people that think LMAO is just how french people laugh.

It’s called training for a reason. You should never go onto TS expecting it to be smooth and uneventful at an active airport. Many people deliberately target these active airports because it’s impossible for ATC to ghost them, and some pilots are either inpatient or completely ignorant of their surroundings.

Go onto casual server bro. You still get the exact same amount of XP, and you don’t have to deal with troll ATC or as many troll pilots.

ATC is kicked off after a certain amount of inactivity. Are you sure he didn’t just miss your message?

In conclusion… Idk, don’t get ghosted? I’m sure the controller on expert you messaged isn’t ignoring you, maybe just drop them a gentle reminder in a respectful manner 😊

Training server will always be training server 🤷


Yep after 120 sec, if the controller didn’t press on your aircraft or log he will be disconnected from that frequency/airport


I know, I was ghosted unfairly, but thx anyway!😉

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The problem is, I got ghosted unfairly… I didn’t expect a thing from TS, but doesn’t anybody have a certain amount of maturety?😂 Also, the thing is, I need ATC!😂😂😂 I’m sure he didn’t miss me, but Thanks!😉

Impossible, he was gone a couple minutes, but Thanks!😂😂😉

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