Catalina fly in by Hopper Airways @ KLGB - 221630ZMAY16

Server: Advanced

Region: Southern California

Airport: KLGB - KAVX

Time: 1630Z

NOTAM: come in any prop aircraft able to go 200kts and in the generic livery if possible. Just copy the flight plan from me. We will cruise at 3000ft and speed will be 200kts.


If you can’t come to the event, I will have another time for the event. Just say what time you want.

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I might sounds cool

Sorry but it’s 2:30 in the morning in Australia. Can you move it 5 or 6 hrs earlier?

If you can’t come, I’ll just have another time.

Sunday, ill be there, let me add this to my calendar

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I’ll try waking up at 2:30am

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I’m sorry but I have to move the event because of unexpected events. It will be a week after the original date at the same time. I will also have another time for the people who can’t make it.

Rescheduled to next week.

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i will be thier etigad 777

When it’s time, just copy the flight plan from me.

You can’t because Catalina isn’t big enough. You can go in a dash-8 though.

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Can someone do the atc at KLGB?

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where are the people iam alone in KLGB

Everyone spawn in now and copy my flight plan.

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okay pilot

Please do NOT come in a jet.

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okay i will

Thanks for the event, had to go

Thanks to everyone who participated in this event! I hope everyone had a good time!