Casual vs training

I have recently noticed that the vast majority of activity seems to be in the casual server, verses the training. Thoughts on the increase in activity? Maybe because people have reported a lot of violation glitches? People who don’t care and want to do whatever they want without violations?

Give your opinions


yeah ive noticed it too. there are a lot more people on the casual server than there are on the training server…

My guess is the casual server is a good place to test around with new aircraft, in this case the MD-11/DC-10. I personally wouldn’t want to fly a new plane I’ve never touched and risk being penalized due to my misconception of the plane’s performance/behaviour.


People want to test fly the new Tri-Engine jets before thy do actual flights on TS1.

It’s most likely because a new aircraft was released and people want to fly without the risk of getting consequences for making mistakes.

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There are no speed violations for fighters on the expert and training servers, except if you’re inside an airport’s airspace.

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🤦🏼‍♂️ How do I not know this?

I personally think its because the Casual server is the default server after the update. I myself flew a few flights before I realized I wasn’t on the expert server.

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Does landing number counts in casual server to obtain higher grades?

If yes, then probably that’s what they’re doing :)

There is no difference in TS1, Casual or Expert with XP, Landings, Hours etc
It’s all calculated and saved the exact same way :)

That’s my point, some people might just try to catch the requirement for a higher grades in a quickest manner, and they will do in a place without any restrictions or violations :)

Most of my friends prefer Casual over TS/Expert , as most of them are worried if they are making mistakes which can result of violations when they are away. And one of my friend also said that Casual is better because he can speed up his aircraft as fast as he wants which will cut the journey time between his departure and arrival points

That’s not true. No XP saved/violations counted against you in the casual server.

As for why all the traffic is there? I have no idea. The MD-11 is pretty easy to fly, and this isn’t the real world where you need to “test out the aircraft”…especially not for an entire week. I immediately hopped on the Expert and Training servers with the MD-11, and it’s been breeze. Assuming you’re attentive and have half a brain, the learning curve is fast.

I’m saying as in XP as Landings and Hours, You read my Comment wrong, It’s not the same as in Speeding, Ghostings, Violations, etc but as in XP Landings and hours go it’s all the same :) same amounts you would earn no matter what Server you are in


No I read it right, what I’m saying is the Casual Server does not adversely affect rank. You might gain XP from flying, but that’s about it. It literally says in the App that it doesn’t affect rank or XP.

I personally view the Casual Server as a waste of time. Do any of your landings count? Can a mod answer this?

Think many are in my situation where we need landings and hours XP to make the jump to grade 3 and enjoy expert.

Right, but isn’t that the point of the Training Server? Where your XP and landings are actually counted?

Your XP and landings are also counted on the casual server. The main point of the training server is to… train. You have ATC and violations, while casual is just a place where anyone can do anything, but still get XP and landings, as well as flight time counted.

I use casual test out the new aircraft and get a feel of the fighters on autopilot which is new. I also do test runs in various aircraft to to test their abilities like vertical takeoff, a fast and steep approach and the turning abilities of aircraft as it’s important to see how the aircraft operate and handle. It’s a place to test run aircraft and do practice scenarios in.

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I searched and coudn’t ffind a specific answer to this question re violations:
250 kts below 10000 ft is a violation, but is it AGL or MSL ?

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