Casual vs Training vs Expert

wow i am so excited for this as this is my first topic on the community. Anyways, i bought infinte flight back in 2016 but started playing majorly last week. I got 45 landings on medium to long haul routes and more than 50 hours of flight time. But i recently saw that there is no option to request pushback or request taxi on casual server so wanted to ask whether i will get those options in training and expert server or not?
Also if you all can guide me with different features of different servers then that will be great.
Thanks to all.


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There is no ATC (just Unicom) on casual so just pushback and taxi by yourself

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Yes. As soon as you get to the training server, and you spawn at an airport where there is active ATC, you will be able to request pushback and taxi.

ATC is only available on training and expert, of which there will be options to interact with ATC. In airports without ATC service however, there will only be unicom, this is the case on all servers. ATC on training is simply incompetent on my opinion, so if you aim for realism, just work your way to the expert server. Expert server is definitely realistic, and if you misstep it can be somewhat unforgiving, but overall, it’s not too hard to adapt to the rules of expert server. It’s really about knowing a few rules and being sensible. Regarding expert server, definitely look up some guides and tutorials here on IFC, and be sure to know them well in order to not make a fool of yourself in expert server, hope this helps.


As long as you follow ATC directions on the Expert Server, you will be fine. 😃

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The casual sever has no rules, NOTMAS and ATC, just Unicom. The training server does have ATC and different rules so make sure to follow them. The expert server is very strict with NOTAMS, rules and ATC and you can be ghosted if you don’t follow ATC instructions. I would recommend to watch the Infinite Flight tutorials which all contain important information regarding ATC and much more.

Sorry but i don’t know what is NOTMAS. Can you please explain that to me.

He means NOTAM’s. A NOTAM means “Notice to Airmen”. A NOTAM is like a warning of any potential flight disruptions at the airport, alongside wind conditions, active runways, etc.

I know all violations. Will that keep me away from NOTMAS?

As I said, NOTAM’s are notices to all airmen, covering things like active runways at an airport, if pattern work is allowed or not, what direction of departures, etc. Violations will not keep you away from NOTAM’s.

@TOGA. MaxSez: WOW! “Incompetent” I beg to differ! I’ve received mixed service on Trainer but prefer it. The new guys and gals on Trainer are obvious and giving it a bloody go, so good on-'em. Wanna improve it Log in to a position and “show me” your stuff!
Expert gets a pass by me. Non-IFATC’s, Ghost Gunmans and heavy goat rope traffic gives me gas.
G’day Max


NOTAM means notice to airmen. A NOTAM generally contains flight restrictions or important airfield information for pilots. It is important to follow NOTAMs or else you can get ghosted.

@MJMN… MaxSez: Welcome aboard. Sorry your under the gun by the duty experts. It’s par for the course. Expect no pity or camaraderie here the duty bloviators bite. Let me suggest a free publication thats got all the terms and procedures you’ll face here.
Go to open the publication section and order “The Airplane Flying Handbook”. It’s the Pilots Bible.
As for the term “NOTAM” and all the others aviation familiar terms used here the Handbook, Google and the Forum archive are your friend.
Hang in there, the light is at the end of the tunnel, turn it on
Good Luck, Regards, MaxSends

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NOTAM is the ATIS it gives you airfield info and more. Like, it will say depaturing runways xx and xx and landing runway xx. It will also let you know if there are delays and such. Go check tutorials and more.

This brings up a question I’ve been having. I know that if you get ghosted, it’s bad, but what actually happens. Do you get kicked out of the sever or does everybody just ignore you?

You go ghosted. You can still fly. But you disconnect from the server. No one can see you. But I’m pretty sure you can see other people. I’m not 100% on that last part though 🤔🤔

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Ah ok. Thanks.


I’m still working on getting grade 3 so I just wanted to know ahead of time.


I’m sure you’ll get there in no time 👍👍

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Yes just dont get any violations and LISTEN TO ATC

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