Casual server, Training server, Expert server

This is my opinion on each server on Infinite Flight. Also feel free to give me yours as well :)

Casual Server- This is where a lot of craziness can happen as a lot on new pro subscribers are trying out all the different aircraft and the rules of of IF( 250kts below FL100, max ground speed 35kts, etc). I remember being the one that would be professional when Emirates A380s and KLM 787 would run right through you. Then f22 raptors flyby every 7 seconds. However this is where I would almost never complete a flight as I took off, got bored and had almost no landings.

Training Server- Ahh the training server! This is where I spent most of my flights last summer even though I was grade three. This is where ATC can be open by any grade 2 or higher pilot without any training but this leads to a lot of craziness. Some things that many might know is approach control being almost pointless because most controllers don’t know how to vector other aircraft and there are a lot of people who don’t follow the controllers instructions. Now there are some pretty good controllers on this server though but for the most part, ground is the one that really has been taken seriously. Then we have people disregarding everything the tower tells them. So please be patient with your controller and others around you. :)

Expert Server- This is the big leagues in IF where ATC access is only permitted to those who have proper training and practice. Also to the pilots who have achieved grade 3 are allowed. While this is not a perfect server where everyone knows exactly what to do or what to say to ATC( Grade does not always represent skill and knowledge), this is where it gets as close as it gets to real aviation. This is where I fly pretty much 100% of my flights and its really fun to go to a very busy FNF at Atlanta or London and get vectored by ATC on real life procedures. However there are times when professional isn’t quite the word in some cases resulting in ghosting for any number of reasons but it is in effort to keep the expert server for those who want the best experience. Note that I have received a couple violations and one ghost and I know the feeling so lets try to keep this a professional and safe flight sim

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I have grade 3 but never flown on expert server(scared of getting ghosted)
Btw what’s the purpose of creating this?


These are some good representations of the servers. However, a topic is not needed, as they do create unnecessary clutter.

I think the messages that show on your screen when you spawn in is basically the same thing, right?


Kind of just a PSA to people who want to know some info about each serve.


In my opinion, for expert you should’ve just copied the casual one down, yes granted lots of pilots know what they’re doing, but those same pilots, also have seen many many people have no idea what they’re doing, from not knowing how to use ATC to taking off through people at uncontrolled airports, landing on 9’s when 27’s are in use. It’s pretty much casual with ATC, but i appreciate the IFATC because they’re volunteers. And i hope the changes they’re making eventually help instead of making expert worse


Yes it is. However this gives someone a inside look of what each server is like

that is true, I have seen pilots on the expert server that have no regard for ATC or real world procedures as I said grade does not represent skill and knowledge. thanks for the feedback!


You should definitely fly on expert server, if you get ghosted you go back to TS for a week, so you’re doing what your scared of happening

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I thought there schould be more atc in expert server than Training. But when I looked in to the server it was the other way around.

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im not IFATC but I know some people who are and they are exceptionally trained in my opinion.

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Thank you for the Feedback! :)

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You won’t get ghosted as long as you follow all ATC instructions :)


Yes I only recieved one ghost over a year ago it was for spamming takeoff clearance and I have learned my lesson

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@Infinite_flight_HD give this topic a read, might find something worthwhile if you’re anxious with flying on expert.


If you want to know the purpose of each server you can do so in the server menu in game. Dont know why this topic needs to exist.

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this shows my view of the experience of each of the servers and what to expect from ATC and other users

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As long as it doesn’t turn into complaining about other pilots or trying to fix server issues its fine. You don’t have to reply to every topic.


Im flying 24/7 on expert server. Since I always look for absolute realism and professionalism this is the closest I can get to it. Also qualified ATC is fun to interact with, and I meet mostly all my friends flying there as well.

Training server… is kind of meh. ATC is really a mess mostly and I can barely find professionalism of any sort there.

Casual server… well good ol casual is simply for messing around and experimenting.


Reading all this I remembered when I started flying in IF. Since I was in CS I didn’t even know how to use the Flaps, then in TS with a little more knowledge in the procedures of the plane but I didn’t know anything about ATC and finally when I entered ES I received a few GHOST for not perfecting the communications with the Control Tower, I learned my mistakes, corrected them and now I feel very confident flying in ES without receiving any report.

I recommend you to watch all the tutorials and ask all the questions you may have. That will help you lose the fear of flying in ES