Casual Server’s LAX

Im good at tokyo drifting and good at doing barrel rolls in the TBM


I am good at maneuvering and Tokyo drifting.

i only tokyo drift when im not on server

Actually my first time being able to use reverse thrusters to taxi backwards at over 100kts, so pretty good day. 😂


Picture number 3: I’m the American One World. I saw you messing around there too 😂 me and @anon74260613 and @Frequentfliyer were there too 😂


When i land i make sure its good because 99.9999999% of the time someone is watching

Also very true.

bit like bacteria isnt it lol

Tho that 737 and the 777 they are eating eachother

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I think i pass i had fish and chips today so yeah lol

Anyone notice the “microscopic tyres” on that Southwest 737?


nope sadly didnt

Man why i havent been to see such gem in casual server (Nice humourous Photos anyway)


Yeah all very good im gonna go to bed now so goodnight guys (the casual server is great!)

Goodnight. Good afternoon, to me.

Yeah well in england its half 10 almost

I basically only use CS to grind landings cuz fastest way involves aerobatics…

And occasionally try fly through people while doing so

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I was able to get 3 landings, but the other 2 don’t count because I landed on the taxiway, lol

I actually use EGLL usually but I think LAX is easier

If only the expert server could get this professional… 😂

Beautiful pictures.

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