Casual server issues

Is it just me again, or the casual server is going down and up every 5 seconds? I have a feeling it’s my internet. Thanks for any response!

(post deleted by author)

I honestly found that rude

And its not his internet in case you’re wondering

It could just be general server issues

it could be indeed

How do you know? OP hasn’t said whether his internet is working or not…

I have him on discord

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It was looking a bit iffy so i rebooted it 2 minutes ago. Hopefully it’ll be better.


Usually the good ‘ol turn it off and on again fixes these issues, especially since I’ve not seen anything else around here bringing up server issues lately

We’ve put together Training Server with duct tape for the time being until we can figure out the real root cause :)


Duct tape really does fix anything, even if it’s temporary!