Casual server issue

Hi, yesterday, I was watching @Jonathan_Tweedy performing a practice show with the IF Blue angels and when I went through the replay, I see planes just floating away and so when I talk to him, he said it’s a server lag. So I wanna know what happens because he mentioned that this had happened today and yesterday unlike normal so I just wana know what’s going so can anyone pls help me

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What I really wanna know is why are the server lags keep happening for 2 consecutive days

This sounds like something the goat @schyllberg should be able to fix if there is a problem

Casual needs some attention too I’m afraid. It only starts choking under high traffic periods though and not all the time.

It’s on our to-do.


Awesome, thanks :))


Casual was actually fixed with Training yesterday. I forgot since it’s been so much focus around Training.

Should hopefully be OK after Cameron posted this (fixes were deployed simultaneously):


I’ll dm you if I report any other related issue but thx tho.

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