Casual server is casual-y funny

**1) So I was planning to fly to SFO from LAX but I saw the most funniest thing ever!

**2) Again by title it was a casual. ( forgot time )


Heheh I love casual servers


I dont, Lol.


It’s always something interesting on the casual server. That being said, if you want to actually fly you have to be on the ES.

Don’t we all!

Typical casual activity

If you’re not feeling very happy, just go on casual and plane spot a bit


The casual server is very funny! I just go to LAX to entertain myself!😂

@Icelandair_TeamICE Here is another thing I found regarding the casual server



That said, yesterday, I was on the Training server, and someone was literally acting like it was casual, that too with ATC present…

Ha! You probably saw me. I was an American A321.

Did you see a guy flying with reverse thrust? 😂

The training server is chaos as well.

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Imagine if there was ATC for Casual. Imagine trying to tell every plane “Please follow instructions” (not that it matters, ‘cuz it’s Casual, but ya know)


I can see that.

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I like to go to LAX every once in a while in the casual server. I just go to watch. Not to fly of course

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Hahaha, yesterday I was at KSFO on TS and some person was using 100% throttle or so while taxiing. Was very impatient compared to the 2-3 other planes ahead of me, that were waiting patiently and maintained a gap of one aircraft.

People being disrespectful at an airport is my pet peeve,

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Another typical day of causal server.

I go there all the time to buzz where the tower would be with AF1 lol

A typical Ryan air landing

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