Casual Server || "Fun or WTF Server" (no fuel restrictions but no stats saving)

Why not a second Casual Server for Global :

With unknown fuel restriction
Can fly 111111 hours if we want
All of this not counted on stats (xp grade flight time)

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Global Flight related

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I do not see why this will be needed. There would be no fun in flying for infinite hours, especially when nothing is gained from it. Fuel burn would add difficulty and realism, so why take it away?


This is one of the worst ideas I’ve ever heard


Because people want to just have fun and enjoy the sim. What, you got something against having fun?


I am not opposed to fun, there is just no fun in sitting on auto pilot for hours upon hours.

I’m talking about flying on Casual and doing whatever you want

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You can still do that on the standard casual server, so why would we need a second one?

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In the case the current Casual will have fuel burn
But if won’t have, can fly 1234 hours without getting any XP point :/?

Nah, Casual Server I is good enough. There’s no need for a second Casual Server because not a lot of people fly in this server anyways (unless Global Flight changes everything). The TS2 server was removed due to low amount of activity there, so that means CS2 would be removed too.

If it’s not broken why fix it.

Servers cost money believe it or not…


Exactly it’s a good request and if you don’t like it don’t fly on that server

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