Casual server for Grade 1s

Hello everyone. After experiencing yesterday’s FNF, an idea sprung to me about noobs and cleaning up servers.

What if Grade 1s were restricted to the casual server?

As a Grade 2, I am subject to fly in TS1. I consider myself an experienced pilot, and I want to fly with experienced pilots also, but I cannot. If Grade 0, and 1 pilots were restricted to the casual server, more experienced Grade 2s can fly in peace.

The reason for my suggesting this is because when I spawned in at Zürich half an hour early to do some spotting, I was spawned into, flown into, and harassed by Grade 1s (who not only didn’t have an IFC account) but who did this for sport. If Grade 1s are removed to fly only in the casual server until they are Grade 2, I would think this would benefit lot of players. What do you think? Thanks.


Grade 3 and greater can be achieved rather quickly with dedication and determination to good piloting including (landings, pattern work, ATC communication with Unicom, etc…)


Then how do they learn all the atc part?


There’s plenty of meaningful tutorials and literature available here and on the interwebs ;)


I know but you need to practice too and I don’t think everyone knows about them

Thereis no such thing as Grade 0 lol. But yes I do like this idea.

Adding from what @Levet said, Mark & Tyler have made tons of tutorials.

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You always seem to be kinda angry… don’t ya…guess you need to try a different type of pie…since you inevitably seem to always get sliced and diced… maybe mince would be a better choice !!!


I know about the tutorials. Watched them all twice

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Well, I don’t have anything else to say but Vote. If your trying to get away from Grade 1 pilots, then wouldn’t the title be Casual Server for Grade 2 pilots? I don’t think I’m understanding this request completely.

Anyway there are a few bad grade 2;3;4;5 pilots too so the problem isn’t really solved


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But grade 1s in casual will no learn speed violations and wreck ts1 when they are grade 2

Speed violations can be applied.

What’s the point of having a casual server then?? 😂😂


What is sounds like we need is a whole new server than.

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That Is what I am thinking about proposing.

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I do see where you are coming from with this: Grade 0’s have probably just instslled the app, and are too busy finding out how to work the app and get a plane in the air, then to worrie about other traffic, let alone understand what ‘enter left downwind’ or ‘go around’ means.
Currently Grade 2’s need to collect 1000 XP which is still not a lot, but at least there’s a good chance they can handle their aircraft. The big questuon is though: can they then also handle themselves on Training Server, with ATC’s.

I may vote for this idea, only if the XP’s (and flying time) for Grade 2 are significantly increased, to say 3000 or 4000 plus they are regular visitors of this forum.

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I think the idea here is that Casual server is meant for new pilots, learning the IF app, learning how to handle an aircraft and becoming aware what it means to be in a live environment. As soon as they are, the idea is they move on to Training server.

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Wow… 20 posts and 0 votes.
This is going well.