Casual Server Flash Flight - Blue Angels Airshow @ KABQ - 121900ZSEP18

Flash Flight:

Blue Angels Airshow!

Come on down to Albuquerque Airport [KABQ] on the casual server for an amazing community airshow! All things go here, and we expect to see you pushing your skills to the maximum! Whether you feel like a low pass over the runway, or perhaps you want to put your C130 whilst upside down at 300 knots, we hope you enjoy this exciting and unique event! The one twist? Blue Angels C130 aircraft only!

As always, take your best photos and post them on social media. Tag us with @Infinite_Flight and use the #infiniteflight hashtag for a chance to be featured on our social media.

Event Details

Server: Casual

Airport = KABQ

Aircraft = Blue Angels C130

Time = 1900Z [in 15 minutes!]


Blue Angels C130 aircraft only
Have fun!

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On my way as ACO-RNS, and very excited.

Im on my way. BENNY001!

Oh Misha! Great event again!

On my way also, N172SX is coming!

I like Casual events ;)

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GAF’s F-22 Demo Pilot will make an appearance!
(That’s me 😏)

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Callsign NBSYT. I’ll be in a F-18 flying around taking photos.

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Also will you do some aircraft restrictions? Or Blue Angels on A380 can join too?

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Folks could at least take off from a runway. Show some courtesy pretty please 🙂


People was taking off from EVERYWHERE.

Hoping this is going on a bit longer. Just left for home, so I should be able to join soon!

spoiling all the fun (:…

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Let’s do a contest. Meet you in the secret chat ;)


quite busy waiting for a departure slot 😊

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@Nate_Schneller, @Mags885, & a few others in tail.



Nice shot! I saw you in the line up for the runway and followed you out… I might be one of them back there 😁


Had to peel off, thanks for the quick flight haha

@DeerCrusher @Nate_Schneller


Darn. Seems like I missed it. Looked fun! :)

You can still come there’s loads of people here