Casual server EXP?

I was on Casual server a few minutes ago to practice extreme maneuvers and I noticed that I gained EXP

when the server description says this
It would seem that the description is either wrong about EXP in the server or is misleading that EXP is not gained in Casual server.

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Interesting. As far as I know IF has always awarded XP no matter what server you were on. I hadn’t read that information before, sounds like you lucked out tonight.

I guess what it meant was that, your EXP are not affected irregardless of what you do. Go ahead and do a mirror flyby with 2 A380s and drift with your wings. You still get EXP without violations.

I dont think the description meant that you wont get exp.


Just to make a it a bit clearer, Casual Server doesn’t have any rules against you, allowing you to fly without regulations, and it wouldn’t negatively affect your EXP or Grade


XP is not affected retrogressively but you gain it normally primarily in total daily flight time as you would on the other servers…all things being equal …however IMHO… the casual server definitional syntax…should have read as follows… Pilots of all skill levels can fly freely on the Casual Server without…adversely…affecting their XP or rank…

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Exactly I dont have a problem with the EXP being gained but my issue was that it seemed to be confusing about the correlation between EXP and the server.

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