Casual Server being the Casual Server

A couple of days ago, I decided to check out the casual server. So being the realistic player that I am, I spawned in at LAX in a USAF 737-700. What followed was the definition of the casual server. Enjoy!

Route: KLAX - KEDW
Aircraft: 737-700 BBJ - USAF
Server: Casual

A nice takeoff with an Air Force One and Air Force Two out of LAX. No wake turbulence here. And of course, since the people who fly the president around are highly skilled, they of course, take off with spoilers extended.

Flying in a tight formation over the Beverly Hills

America, America

Me and AF2 each having a smooth landing at the same time. On the same runway of course

The white and blue fleet parked at KEDW

Flight 2
After the presidential air show, we all left and spawned in, in F-14’s

The government officials taking their F-14’s out for a cruise

Crossing 250 knots as the other fighters release the brakes

Formation flying over SoCal

I think the most amazing thing about this, is that we did all of this without any communication at all! I hope you liked the photos!


Flying in SoCal on casual is a ton of fun. Have had a lot of interactions with just random people. Races from KLAX to KSFO, dogfighting 8 aircraft, formation flights, etc. Glad you got to experience it!


I love those random encounters on CS, where you don’t even know the person and you can fly a formation or do a mini dogfight. It’s always a blast!

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I love the random CS encounters too, one time I was on it in SoCal and saw a 737 and 2 F22s in a dogfight so I joined in and it was a ton of fun

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It is!

Always nice to get a good formation



Yeah I remember the days of casual Lol, Like you, I was a realistic player from the beginning so I just did my best to get upgraded as fast as possible

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Nice 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

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IFC Moment

irony 100
Anyway, I didn’t know how you managed to do that… Amazing but illegal (at least by expert standards) at the same time

Did you just… it’s been 4 months…

No I swear another person deleted his comment

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Oh lmao. Who and what did they say

I don’t remember but probably as intelligent as a person is to comment 4 months later.