Casual server behavior in expert server

Well you do have a point.

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That’s pretty sad, I now realize that something actually has to change on the expert server

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Expert server states that it requires professionalism. That includes;

  • Following rules
  • Showing good conduct(Avoiding obscenities in your callsign and username)
  • Using ATC properly

Though it doesn’t include:

  • Strictly enforcing aircraft types depending on the geographical location of the user in the game.


  • Indigo pilot acted unprofessionally and posed a risk to the incoming WN aircraft. This pilot should not have been in the expert server in the 1st place. I hope you don’t experience this again.

  • Aircraft type doesn’t really matter. Aircraft being at the airport is not necessarily due to commercial service. It may be a diversion, a one-off, a test flight or even a lease as it occurs in the real life.


Or unless we have AI traffic controlers

That’s been discussed somewhere before i believe the complexity of that coding would be extremely extremely difficult and time consuming. Especially on multiplayer…

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IMo the only problem here was actually the thing with the wrong runway. If they are going to fly in a manner that can cause a crash, then let it be, unless they are crashing into you.

I don’t think you should “let it go” because you’re not supposed to allow that kind of stuff in expert… that’s for training and casual

To build on, that same person will go on and do that with IFATC, and when they get ghosted, they will say “ well I did it before and it was fine!”

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Exactly what I was thinking about!

We’ve all seen so many of these posts lately… what is your goal with these? We’re all aware of the lack of quality of pilots on the expert server. There have been discussions held about ways we can attempt to increase the skills of pilots (after all it is a multiplayer online simulator, there’s no way we can 100% eradicate trolls).

Back to this post, Unless you have specific proof, moderators/staff really can’t do anything about this.

IMO bad flying should not result in a report unless it interfere with others. Also it is not the case here, but sometimes dives are a result of accidentally turining off VS when meaningto change it and that should definitely not result in a ghost.

So called expert server is a big joke…

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I made this post because it wasn’t just one person, it’s as multiple people

That’s right, we don’t ghost for overall poor flying unless they interfere with others. If that was the case my fellow controllers would agree that I’d have 500 ghosts by now

Well if they are bad at flying they shouldn’t be on expert

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yeah which mean the very poorly flown approach by itself was not a ghostable. The problem was there was a plane startinf takeoff on the other side

At this point it sort of is…

I urge Infinite flight managers to take action…NOW.

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Thanks for the feedback. As many pointed out, the only fault here was the aircraft utilizing the opposite end of the runway.

We’re exploring many options to better qualify individuals and we’ll roll out a solution when we feel it’ll truly be effective.