Casual is Turning Into Training. Why?

I’m no veteran. I have been in the IFC since November 18, and I’ve loved it ever since. Unfortunately, every new update posts a very new challenge for players. In the quite underwhelming update, with the a330 rework and live replays came another problem: Gate Restrictions.

The issue is not how they work nor is it why they were implemented. They were implemented for a specific reason that I comepletely understand. The unfortunate part is that this update applies to the casual server.
Emphasis on casual. I played on casual to test out new planes, mess around with my friends, practice landing, and more. Currently, the gate restriction creates a stiff, stale, expert mindset for the players that are new to the game, that in no way is welcoming or fun. Imagine someone wants to try out their favorite plane- a 747, but a gate restriction has them park in the international terminal, quite a bit away from the runway.
This causes the following to happen.

  • Chaos - doesn’t know what a pushback is, ends up taxiing at high speeds, eventually crashes.
  • Boring and Deturring - when you jump into live, the first thing you want to do is jump right onto that runway and takeoff, then land. Not only does the gate restriction prohibit new players from doing this, it takes them away from the core of the game.
  • Casual means Casual - if you’re looking for a realistic experience, go to Expert. Simple enough.
  • This in no way is a learning opportunity - people can argue that it is good to learn these things before going into TS1 in order to be better prepared. This is not the case. Learning to properly taxi, takeoff, and land is what casual should teach you. Training should teach you the nit-picking-esque things, such as gate restrictions, taxi regulations, flight plans, and basic ATC.
  • Please, give me an example of a person who wanted this - the addition that you can’t park at a gate that somebody is near is great, and should be server wide, but the size restriction is something that nobody asked for.

I am suggesting that we do the following, instead.

  • Casual has absolutely NO gate restrictions.

I understand where the IF devs are coming from, but it’s not from the community, or from a fun notion.

IF, please fix.

Feel free to respectfully and maturely have a discussion with me if you agree/disagree with any of my points. I’d be happy to talk to you about it and further discuss the update.



Absolutely not, gate restrictions may be the only good thing IF devs put into the game in 19.1


I’m not really sure how to respond to this. I mean, if you are wanting to train for being on expert wouldn’t you want the conditions to be like expert? It is the casual server, it’s going to be chaos unfortunately because 95% of those on casual don’t follow any rules at all.

Training can be close to the same.


And that is where the IFC community draws the line. Training is a server literally meant for training to go to expert. The community has decided to make a meme out of it, showcasing people taxiing though others, dual-takeoffs, etc etc. not that this is bad, just that it isn’t IFs fault for TS1 not being training-oriented.

I am curious to know why do you think the last update is “quite underwhelming”?

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I feel that the gate restrictions are a good idea, only on TS and ES. I feel that casual server should just be to have fun. No rules, nothing to follow


I don’t really agree with you. It’s a good thing and I like that it is implemented on all the servers. I fly all the servers by the way, today I’ve done casual (flying new craft) and expert. Don’t worry, you can still take off from your gate in casual. It’s chaos already, this will improve things.


I’ll agree that there shouldn’t be any restrictions on the casual sever even tho there literally no other rules so there’s nothing to stop you from taxiing at 50 knots to get to whatever runway you want. I definitely disagree with everything else tho.

What about new users who want to have a realistic experience on casual? 🤨


It is a foight simulator afterall, which means its simulating real life, so the gate soze restrictions is a welcome addition to the game. We just have to learn how to cope with these much needed updates to fly. Happy flying

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@schyllberg would you please address this person he would take it more seriously if it came from you. And the update IS NOT underwhelming BTW.

I believe some who are Level 1 in IF strive to have a more professional experience, and others strive for a more casual experience. But, unfortunately, people who are Level 1 don’t have the necessary experience to complete a truly professional IF flight. I do think it is okay to impose gate restrictions on the casual server because people who are Level one need to be ready for training and expert servers. I remember being a level one and not using trim, flaps, and simply hitting the thrust and pulling up (and maybe that was just my young aviator self). I feel that live is less fun, even for new pilots, when people don’t have any level of professionalism. This is simply my opinion, and I know many may disagree.

Yes I have had a long era in each server and I will say the experience DOES get more fun the more professional the server is. I like your idea and I suggest you impose it to a developer

I think this question can stretch across all three servers unfortunately. It’s not a casual issue alone.

Flying on expert Tuesday evening, we had a troll at our event that was flying through aircraft, taxiing through aircraft. Of course he left as soon as a mod was spawned at the airport.

To address the original poster, the topic of casual and training are meant for exactly that. The better question directly towards @DiamondGaming4 is how expert can be improved to be just that, expert.


Now we have replay this troll can be reported 😉👍🏼


I only agree with the fact that gate restrictions should not apply on Casual Server. That’s also bothering me a bit.

The rest of the update is great though.


Well how are people on casual going to learn when they are on training and still try to troll? This restriction lets the new players who are serious that gates can fit certain aircraft. This lets the trolls know that there are simple rules to follow.

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I agree the gate restrictions give a clear message and gives the game a much more serious user friendly feel,well done guys loving the new replay system

Truthfully I do agree with you that casual server should allow the players to have fun and park as close to the runway as possible. Every airport is different. One thing I noticed right away is in KLAX, the aircraft such as a 787 is not allowed to be at any of the east gates anymore. The white dots tell everyone where they can park based on what aircraft they chose. I mostly fly smaller planes so any gate is possible, but I do think that at least for casual, there should be an option to turn the gate restriction off. As for training and expert, this can stay permanent. Even though I’ll miss seeing four airplanes spawning in the same gate at the same time, I understand that they’re trying to bring realism in every update. Can you imagine a 747 parked in a general aviation gate in real life? That would be pretty hard. Also I’m understanding that even if there is a aircraft gate restriction, you can still land on the runway. You just can’t park.
As for the expert server not having a gate restriction but it’s enforced by violations and ghostings, I would have to respectfully disagree on that. The reason why is because not every player studies the layout of the airports and they may find the gate restriction useful because they’re able to correctly spawn at the airport. The IFATC folks would not want this because giving ghostings and vios for that reason would take them away from focusing on actual situations that need attention. For example, imagine there are 20 pilots at expert EGLL. 15 of them spawned at an incorrect gate and 5 of them are inbound messing up on their speed and landings completely ignoring instructions. Who should IFATC pay attention to in this scenario? They would have to focus on the incorrect gate pilots while ignoring the other 5 pilots, or they would try to handle both situations at the same time, but it would be stressful for both the controllers and the pilots. It’s better that this doesn’t happen.

You have good ideas and your heart is in the right place though :) . Happy flying :)

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You are quite wrong about that.

Countless people have been begging IF to keep 388s from spawning at a GA tie-down with two-thirds of their plane on grass just to cut everyone off on the way to the runway.

Why would it be better to introduce more ghosts when you can prevent that opportunity out of the gate (no pun intended)?

Despite what is implied by those that are angry at being reported, ghosts are not our goal. Our goal is that pilots fly responsibly enough so that a report is entirely unnecessary. We would be more than happy if they did so with such regularity that we’d never need to report. We aren’t quite there yet…

I’m sorry, you’re suggesting that parking at a gate forces people to act in a ludicrous manner? I’m not sure I’ve ever seen a bigger non sequitur. It simply doesn’t follow that because a person can’t park his 747 on the grass next to the runway he must taxi to the runway like a maniac.

He may want to. May choose to. But by no means is this decision out of his hands because he has to pushback.