Casual F-14 Flight Around SoCal

One day I was bored, so I decide to hop onto the casual server, and fly around in a fighter jet at really fast speeds. Boy, did it bring me back to the days when I was grade 1. I took off from Miramar and headed up the Cali coast to LAX, and mainly flew around there, doing really dumb stuff. Enjoy the photos!

Route: VFR
Server: Casual
Aircraft: Grumman F-14

After a full afterburner takeoff at Miramar, I tried doing an assault style takeoff, so I was just about 5 feet above the ground at 250 knots and climbing.

Low over the SoCal beaches, going about Mach 1.5

Breaking some glass (and eardrums) over John Wayne-Orange County Airport

Mach 2, and 300 feet above residential areas near Long Beach

Zooming over LAX, with a JetBlue Embraer taking off


I bet the little boys on this plane were thrilled

Intercepting an ACJ A318 that just left

Doing a little stunt 100 feet above an MD-11

They were were looking at me funny.

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That might result in a tiny bit of lawsuits.

Lol, nice photos, totally forgot the beauty of the Fighters.


Who knows, this was a scheduled patrol. It’s their fault if their windows can’t withstand a sonic boom right overhead