Casual Controlling LiveStream | Episode 1 - Casual Tower Talks

Sunday, 1500Z, KMDW/Chicago Region. Runways 31 for Departures, 22s for Arrivals
Tower Provided By Tower Talk Ground Provided By Casual Controlling; Enjoy!
Airport Restriction: No bigger Than 757
Hello everyone. After much planning and thinking, I’ve decided to begin with a new YouTube series of controlling sessions on the Expert Server. What I plan to do to make this unique is to LiveStream it, and to interact with you, the viewers. We will have a live chat setup through YouTube’s LiveStreaming program, and I’ll be asking questions and have Causal conversations while Controlling, which may or may not veer off the topic of Infinite Flight and Aviation. The whole point is to interact with the audience in a relaxed manner, while still being able to share a bound through a simulator we all love.
Episode 1 will be a experimental-type stream, to see how you guys would like it, and how well the turnout rate would be. I will be joined the Joshua Smithley from Tower Talk. I plan to stream every Sunday at the same time, but the time will be subject to change if it would be more beneficial for the majority that wish to attend. There are some more people who do very similar things on different platforms, and I wish to soon be able to control with them as well, if this goes well! If you want to check out my channel now, you can see it here. Hopefully I’ll be able to see you there!

We will be going live in just over 30 minutes! Get ready, and check out [The Channel] ( to keep an eye out for the Live Stream! See you soon. Expect airport and region details even sooner!


Best of luck from IFPM…any help we can provide our service is yours to command.

Sounds like a great idea! Looking forward to checking this out.


what is the name of your channel? I would love to watch you I am currently working towards becoming an IFATC, I just took my test today and did not pass. I have contacted @art_martinez for help, but it would be good to watch you control and learn some more.

Nice, looking forward to this!

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Sounds really interesting. I would like to watch it for sure.

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Sorry about that. Link is in the original post. Check the bottom of the word body

Shouldn’t this be in #live

This is a general announcement for the LiveStream. I would think it should stay in #general

Oh OK, I understand

We’re going live in 35 minutes. See the update above for a bit more info. We will have airport information coming as soon as we can get it

Didn’t realize the time constraints of being stuck in a cast and going under… :/ good luck I’ll be sure and watch the video! I look forward to IFPM livestream of ur event today though :)

You don’t have to be at the controlling session. Even though you’re more than welcome to, if you can’t make it to the IF Controlling session, you can always stick around for the Livestream, and chat with us!

When is the livestream then again?

1500Z, in bold at the top of the post as well

Less than 10 minutes. I’ve updated the region/airport in bold in the first post

We are live!

I’ll start soon! Shouldn’t this be in #live:atc?

Well, this was more of an announcement

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Still should be in the category.