Casual Afternoon Spotting @EGLL

I know… phone spotting, I’ve done the most painful thing for spotters… But luckily these aren’t terrible, but merely passable… In other words, I need a proper camera, but I’ve got more important things to spend money on at this point in my life, as well as the fact that spotting isn’t my thing, and that this is the first time I’ve really paid attention to photographing the aircraft.

Anywho, I decided to take a day trip to Heathrow (which took a chance for a ton of trainspotting too). At the airport after moving around multiple terminals, having multiple views, and catching a train and bus ride round the airport, I found myself at Myrtle Avenue. I caught a few pics of aircraft departing however these pictures are simply too bad of an angle, or too grainy.


Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra (:pain:)

Jumping into it:

SU2582 // Aeroflot 777-300ER - VQ-BUA - Arriving from Moscow Sheremetyevo

AZ204 // ITA Airways A319-100 - EI-IMH - Arriving from Rome (FCO)

2nd day into the new airline, it’s cool to see Alitalia still having a presence for a little while longer

BA82 // British Airways 777-200ER - G-VIIG - Arriving from Abuja

KQ100 // Kenya Airways 787-8 - 5Y-KZD - Arriving from Nairobi

Cut off of the rear was a pain, but worth the shot compared to some others.

KL1021 // KLM 737-800 - PH-BXY - Arriving from Amsterdam

BA1417 // British Airways A319-100 - G-EUPN - Arriving from Belfast City

NH211 // ANA 777-300ER - JA794A - Arriving from Tokyo Haneda

Really grainy shot. Unfortunately couldn’t snap this well as a few pigeons flew past and I was more focused on getting a shot of a bird for reasons at the end.

EK31 // Emirates A380-800 - A6-EOM - Arriving from Dubai

MH4 // Malaysian Airlines A350-900 - 9M-MAF - Arriving from Kuala Lumpur

Special Malaysia Negaraku Livery. The top image was probably my clearest photo thanks to the focus catching up with my input… Despite missing the winglet.

So here’s my first spotting topic. I don’t plan on taking spotting as a hobby or profession any time soon if ever, although might want to try again with a better camera in the future at least. Unfortunately I wasn’t able to catch some cool shots worth the post (or even catch them on camera) such as an Azerbaijan 788, MNG Airlines A332F, Royal Jordanian 788, and a few others. I highly recommend Myrtle Avenue as a spotting location to any spotter who visits Heathrow.

Of course the all inclusive 'birb'

Throughout the entire time of me being at Myrtle Avenue (around an hour), just across the fence there were crackers and various sounds for bird control… Not helpful when the only time the birds landed were in a tree, out of my view.

It seems trying to photograph a bird erratically flying isn’t that easy.

Thanks for viewing the topic.


First. Does this make me part of the cool kids amogus crew?

Sweet shots, looks like you had a good trip to 'throw

Only if you wear a pink jacket and a shape on your forehead

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ok how on earth is that a phone camera? AMAZING!

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Amazing shots as always @Ecoops123! :D

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Ah yes definitely on my first time posting a spotting topic. But appreciate the compliment :)



Nothing wrong with phone spotting! these look great buddy!

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These are not bad at all, Coops! Phones are getting better though 😅

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Great for a phone nice pics!

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Amazing pictures!

R.I.P Alitalia

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Whatever phone you have. I need it

you have spectacular pictures for a phone!

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I personally use a Galaxy A70, although the phone I used was the person I went with, he has a Galaxy S20 Ultra. (There is an S21 version too out there on the market, pretty expensive).

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Great 👍 Shots There My Friend @Ecoops123 Nice Phone Camera and so That’s what you been up to ! 😆Hopefully see you in the skies soon

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Awesome shots Ethan!

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Omg those are awesome especially from a phone camera!

🗿. Nice pictures though.

im telling you samsung’s camera is so much better than apple’s