Casting to other screens

Just getting in to IF after updating my phone so I can get access to the full simulator. I play mainly on my mobile while casting the phone to Chromecast. It’s not perfect but it does allow me to play on the bigger screen.

It would be good if there was a feature within the simulator that allowed casting while then using the mobile device as a controller with all the buttons needed on the screen of the device. I’m sure this is possible.

I look forward to future updates.

Hi, there is an app that does this. However, you have to pay, as its not free.

Should this be in #features since @lewandell is requesting something?

No need, as he can cast a vote here:

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Lol 4 years ago! 😂 But if you look in the thread, there’s no votes, and some were saying it’s a cool idea, which it is to me, but they were saying that the devs probably won’t add this feature.

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Pity that is for iOS not Android but shows it can be done.

Apparently, someone on the IFC has somehow connected to there Xbox and landed using an Xbox one controller


Lol I think if you can connect it by using Bluetooth and go from there never tried I might do that it sounds fun but yeah you can sync it with your phone through Bluetooth and go from there

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