Cast to TV

Just wondering was there ever any consideration to adding a cast function to the game, whereby you could mirror the screen onto the tv while still controlling from your phone or tablet.

You can cast an iOS device using Apple airplay with Apple TV. I’ve tried it a few times and it works quite well! Not too familiar with the Android side of things. What device are you using?


I did this yesterday with an Apple TV and an iPad mini 4. Worked amazing! It was fun I show of my skills to people who walked in

…and for Android devices: chromecast

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What type of TV are you talking about? An Apple TV or one with some type of Google/Android integration?

iOS can Screen Mirror onto a Apple TV

Android-screen sharing or smart screen. You need a smart TV or chromecast plugin peice

you can use apple TV for screen miroring on ios, and you can use chromecast for android

I use a TV 42"

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