Cassidy > Raiatea

Hi there!
Yesterday I was in the mood for some tropical island flying, since the weather right now is so grey and boring where I’m at. So I decided to fly from Cassidy International (PLCH) to Raiatea (NTTR).
Not really much to see in between but the islands are stunning in my opinion, so I decided to share it with you here.

Further Info:

  • Server: Expert Server
  • Flight time: ~3hrs
  • Route: PLCH-NTTR
  • Aircraft used: CRJ-200 Infinite Flight livery
  • Altitude/ speed: Fl330/ M0.74

Departure from Cassidy:

After a left hand turn, departing over the island of Kirimati southbound

After a whole lot of blue nothing, finally approaching our destination island group.
Just look at that amazing heart shaped island!

In the top left corner just between the two islands is our destination airport. Just below us there is the island of Bora Bora. If you look closely you can see the runway of NTTB.
(I did a circling descend into NTTR, that’s why I’m still so high)

Approaching NTTR rwy 07 on the visual

Shortly before touchdown with a 12knt wind

And landed!

Thank you for viewing my little gallery, I hope you enjoyed it!


Damn, Those are some great pictures you got there… absolutely love them

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These shots are beautiful!

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Amazing Job, Might do this flight in the Private Jet cough cough Citation

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