Casper/Natrona County International Airport Tower & Ground!

Casper/Natrona County International Airport, aka Natrona Co Intl is an airport in Casper, WY. I like Wyoming because if has a lot of vacant land, so why not control there? Call me insane, but i did it. With Wyoming having the smallest population in the US, that also means very few planes go there. I knew that i was going to have a microscopic chance of getting an airplane there, but heck, I wanted to do it. In the status board, there was no arrivals for KCPR. I didn’t anticipate there to be any. However, i got super lucky and a plane spawned in the hangars. I am unsure of its plane type. But its probably the first time anyone has ever been ATC at KCPR. Have you been KCPR ATC before?

Just Spawning in!

Requesting pushback to Runway 30. Its a bit of a narrow runway for his plane if you ask me

Just took off! Now im all alone again.

Another one randomly spawned in, sadly he left a few minutes after.

Opinion: I think that having an ATC controller at an airport will increase your chances of planes spawning at the airport in question. Works on me.


Glad you liked KCPR, and good on you for opening something else than one of the the obvious airports.
There are so many really cool airports to fly to and open for controlling.

Hope you’ll find the time to study some of the ATC tutorials, here.

Funny thing I have a cousin who lives in Casper

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Still open or no?

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No, sadly. But i will open it again

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