Casp959er73's ATC Tracking Thread - [CLOSED] @ EBBR [IFATC Practical Exam Soon!]

Hey guys,
I want to join the IFATC team but I want to make sure that my ATC skills are spot on and that I will make no mistakes if I ever do join IFATC. Therefore, I have made a tracking thread at my home airport and I hope that I will get a lot of traffic. Please if you do come to the airport give me feedback on what I should do differently.
I will be mainly ground and tower but sometimes might be departure and arrival as well.

Thank you!


I will swing by now

Good job just a few small things when I am the only aircraft in the pattern once I take off there is no need to tell me to enter ______ downwind because I already told you that was my intention when I asked for “remaining in the pattern”. Also when remaining in the pattern it’s best to use “clear for the option” so the pilot has the option for stop and go’s or touch and go’s or landing. When you say clear to land after I just said remaing in the pattern it comes across to the pilot as you want them to land and exit the RWY when touched down. Other than that good job.

Hi, i was with the callsign N739EC.
Sorry i needed to leave in between, however, just wondering as to why i was shifted to 34R at the end?

You took off from that runway and then made right traffic didn’t you?

I was taxiing towards 34L, then was shifted to 34R :)

No sorry that wasn’t you, I think that I might have pressed the wrong runway or I might have thought that you were a different aircraft

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Nice job. You randomly said roger to me once and also when I entered duplicate messages you did not tell me to stop. I have N7478G. All in all nice job though.

I also liked how you handled the go around

Thank you I appreciate the feedback.

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ATC is now open (Ground and Tower)

I’m in. ITU93

I’ll stop by in 10 minutes if you will still be open.

I will most likely still be open

Some notes from: ITU93

  • I was cleared for TO before you knew my intentions. I wanted to remain in the pattern but didn’t know which way to make traffic. Forward planning is vital but you must know all the info. (what my intentions are - is I’m straight out, pattern etc.).
  • You cleared G-MAN to land 34C and then cleared me to land 16C. Situational awareness should be kept at all times.

Not too bad overall.

I know about 16c I though that I pressed 34C

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Keep an eye on the logs. Revoke clearance if something isn’t right

You only need to assign the traffic pattern direction once in the take-off clearence. No need to do it in the clearence aswell unless
a) you are changing direction
b) there has been a runway change
c) inbound for touch and goes
Don’t clear a plane to land in the opposite direction on the same runway. In real life that would have been a fireball. Pick a direction and stick to it. You are allowed to deny entry or give pattern instruction to another runway. You need to give pattern intructions after a runway change or any calls inbound, don’t just clear them to land. You have much to work on, I suggest you watch the you tube tutorials and re-watch them if you have already. Your transition level was way too high, 10,000 feet isn’t even in your airspace. Good luck


Okay, some things, when i asked for a runway change you didn’t give me a pattern entry, remember, pattern entry > sequence (if needed) > clear, also you only need to tell pilots the direction of the pattern if they change runways or if they are inbound for touch and go.
After i requested departure to the east you could just give me a freq change as I’m departing out of your airspace.
Also, same thing Michael said, you gave me a transition for 5000ft, at 5000ft a pilot doesn’t need to request transition, for transitions you add 2500ft to your airport altitude. E.g if your airport is at 1000ft then transition would be at 3500, in your case transition would be at 2500ft.
Again, when aircraft are inbound you need to give them a pattern entry, that didn’t happen in my case.
Last thing, i told you that i was on full stop and yet you did not give me a exit runway command, instead you gave me a contact ground command, very incorrect, use the exit runway command next time.
As Michael said above, i advise you to check tutorials on Infinite Flight’s youtube channel for more info on the basics of controlling. Have a good one.

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OEJN tower and ground is now open. I have my IFATC pracitcal coming up soon so please make it busy and do lots of pattern work. As always please leave some feedback on what I should do differently.
Thank you.

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