Casp959er73’s ATC Tracking Thread - [CLOSED] @ KSJC

Hey guys,
I want to join the IFATC team but I want to make sure that my ATC skills are spot on and that I will make no mistakes if I ever do join IFATC. Therefore, I have made a tracking thread at my home airport and I hope that I will get a lot of traffic. Please if you do come to the airport give me feedback on what I should do differently.
I will be operating on the ground and tower.
Thank you!

This is a new version of my previous tracking thread as is got closed


If you’re open now I can come in and do some pattern work
Which server?

training at LFBO @LordHkM

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I’ll hop in.

Hey just a reminder that I didn’t request pushback both times I spawned
Watch out for that

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Hi there and thanks for controlling today at LFBO! I was N231ZB. Here are a few things I noticed:


•Missed my clearance on my second pattern, I had to report position to get your attention and for you to clear me. I was about to turn base before I reported position. An ideal time to sequence and clear aircraft would be late crosswind/early downwind. Also, “after the option, make left/right traffic” is not needed every clearance. Since you told me to make left traffic runway 14L, I know to do that throughout my whole pattern, unless I am requesting a runway change or if you wanna clear me for right traffic. What I’m saying is, do not “after the option make left/right traffic” every single clearance. (19:36)

•I didn’t see any sequencing whatsoever, so nobody knew who to follow. Sequencing is one of the most important, if not the most important part of pattern work. You’re supposed to sequence, then clear. This is definitely something you should work on because recruiters/trainers will get on you for that. (19:36)

•You had an aircraft lineup and wait while I was on a 2 mile final to runway 14L, resulting in a go around. This is not ideal. Either clear an aircraft for IMMEDIATE takeoff (which is still not ideal while an aircraft is on a 2 mile final), or have them hold short of the runway until I land, touch and go, low pass, whatever it may be. If there is an aircraft on the runway and an aircraft is on a 2 mile final, have them go around as 2 miles is the ideal distance to send an aircraft around while another is on the runway. 1 mile final would be pushing it kind of. (19:37)

Overall, I think you need to work on sequencing and clearing which is pretty much what pattern work is. I can tell you have a basic idea of what you’re doing but just read and touch up on it some more. I will link you to some helpful tutorials for you to look over.

My advice to you is, look over these tutorials and read over them some before you open your next tracking thread and see how much you improve. Feel free to tag me when you’re open again and if I’m free, I will come in. Feel free to PM me if you have any questions. Hope to see you in IFATC one day!

-IFATC VulicityHD

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yes, sorry about the go around, I told the 737 to hold short but they decided to line up anyway
thanks for the feedback

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atc is now open at KSJC

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