Case or Stand for ipad?

What should I get for my iPad to better control it?Or what do you prefer?

Case. If you use a stand, you won’t be able to control your plane (unless the stand moves in all four directions).


Okay thank you!

Or if you have a joystick or yolk with IF I would prefer the stand. If not the case

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So I don’t have a pc yet so a Joystick would be useless…you would prefer the stand right?

Well I mean if you connected a joystick to IF then I would highly prefer the stand. But if you don’t then the case

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Ok Alright

I recommend you to buy a case, some of them can be used as a stand too!


You should also get something you like… It’s you that has to use the device, not us. Find something that meets your needs and that will be good for you.
Also try and keep it down on the topics, you’ve made 16 in 3 days 😉


Find your own method, mine is my steady hands. If you don’t have a PC but you do have two mobile devices, you can use the Fly-By-Wire app as a joystick.

Another case that I’d recommend that gives you the best of both worlds with added durability is the Unicorn Beetle iPad Case. Yes, its really called “Unicorn Beetle” and its amazing. Been using it on my work ipad for sometime and you can beat it, drop, throw, kick, or whatever else you do best to your iPad. Below are some pics of the Unicorn Beetle with my iPad Pro 11". They also do make one for the iPad Pro 10.5" device that you specify. Only issue with with mine is that I’m unable to pair or charge an apple pencil to it. Something to keep in mind if you use a pencil.

Pics are of the iPad Pro 11". But the link below will guide you to the iPad Pro 10.5" case.


I quite fancy kicking my IPad Across the room and then dropping it off a 50ft ledge. Thanks for the suggestion 😅.

Just kidding obviously, great suggestion!

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What ever case you are comfortable with and has durability that I would recommend

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