Casa C-295


Would be nice to have, we lack of military and prop aircrafts in IF



I thought this was requested before…but still nice plane!


IF severely lacks on the military and cargo aircraft section.

More like KEDW-KNUC.



IF does need more military aircraft.


That’s about the Casa 235 this is about the Casa 295.


They’re different planes, there’s no need to close that one for no reason.


@Talkingribzz @TheNorthernAviatorz I know, but @CopaAirlines said he thought he had seen this topic before, so I showed him the one he might have been thinking about.


For me it does. At least a propeller cargo aircraft.


That looks like an ATR-72


Yes, I realized that which is why I changed my response.


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We definitely need more military aircraft in my opinion.


I’d like to see it


This would be an awesome turbo prop transport to have. It can operate out of many airfields.


bumps 2 year old topic


I am quite happy to see this plane, hope this aircraft can be added to the game in the near future :) Unfortunately im out of votes :(