Casa C-101 Aviojet

Has anyone ever dreamed of piloting those planes that fly over your head from time to time in air shows? Well that’s what I’m talking about today in this feature.

I want to wonder for a possible #features in the near future to add the Fighter C-101.

This is an advanced entertainment plane and light attack, Casa C-101.
It is introduced in 1980.

  • Main users are: Spanish Air Force, Chile Air Force, Real Air Force of Jordania and Air Force of Honduras

  • General Characteristics:

  • Tripulation: 2

  • Longitude: 12,25 [m]

  • Wingspan: 10,6 m

  • Height: 4,25 m

  • Empty weight: 3800 [kg]

  • Loaded weight: 5000 kg

  • MTOW: 5600 kg

  • Engines: 1× [Turbofan]

Aircraft C-101 from the Spanish Army.


Awesome feature request! But make sure to vote for your own request and only include one picture.


Small boi looks nice, looks great for maneuvers and to fly in small spaces as well.


I have voted for this. IF really needs a jet trainer to sit between GA aircraft and the fighters. I have made a few feature requests myself for aircraft similar to this, such as the BAe Hawk and Aero Vodochody L-39 Albatros.


JaJaJa, Someone have to ask for the C-101!
As I do!

It would be awesome, in the future to share the coockpit with anyone else or even to make aerial training with other pilots and perform in the future air shows in the simulator with the best pilots and the best training and acrobatics!

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The ability for two people to share the same aircraft would be great for an aircraft like this. It would be great for GAF and DynamX training.


it is a incredible difficult feature but someone should create a topic since for long time is possible i think
this could be awsome feature.
also we should need some voice channel on the game because if not it would be strange or just maybe chat

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