Casa 235


The Casa 235 is a nice little turbo-prop with plenty of operators, both civil and military. My wish list for liveries would be:

Irish Air Corps
United States Cost Guard
Tiko Air
Binter Canarias
Air Namibia
Air Venezuela

Casa C-295

Coast Guard CN-235. Saw it land in the rain-had no idea I saw my first CASA until after I downloaded the photos.

Cute little guy, would recommend


I see the Irish Air Corps flying it at low altitudes around Athlone (Ireland) on a regular basis. I’ve never managed to geta photo though (because I’m usually too busy driving unfortunately)


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A google image search reveals nothing for both but I wouldn’t be very surprised if Iberia operated a few CN-235s at one time-Airplane was built in Spain after all.


It may say Iberia had some on Wikipedia as Binter operated the Casa 235 and Binter is a subsidiary of Iberia, not sure about Aerolinias Argentinas though.