So I was just doing some touch and go’s in an F16 at HLLM. I was on a very smooth and clean approach, and I thought it would be a smooth touch down, when all of a sudden, I hit the runway, and my plane started flipping and bouncing off of the ground out of control! It was kinda funny at first. It accelerated quickly, then I realized I should try to get a screen shot, then I crashed. The screen shot doesn’t show much, although I am flying in reverse at the time. (Not that you could tell). Probably never happen again, just figured I’d let you guys know.


This is something that happens sometimes when you touch down to hard, land to fast, or hit the rudder at touchdown. My suggestion is just be careful on landing. :-)


Exactly how fast were you landing? I’ve done a lot of practicing with the f-16. Landing speed is a wee bit under 110 knots, slower if your heavier. The landing legs of the f-16 are very weak and spindly, so make sure you have more forward speed than vertical speed. Do not have breaks on when touching down, and make sure the rear wheels touch down first. Make sure you have thrust on idle, and do not have reverse thrust on. Good luck!


This is most probably because of speed… did you have full flaps? If so: what was your nose pitch while approaching short final?

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As for accelerating quickly, your power is at 100%.

I would suggest not using full throttle, but about 80% so you have more time to rotate.

You mean faster if you’re heavier? Going slower doesn’t make sense as lift is already reduced with the higher weight

More horizontal speed, less vertical speed to reduce structural damage. If it hits the ground hard with less payload, less damage. If it hits the ground hard with more payload, more damage.

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