Carson's Promotion to Mod Party @ KLAX - 172000ZJAN16

Server: Advanced ATC

Region: SoCal

Airport: KLAX

Time: 2000Z

NOTAM: Welcome to this Event, Where we will make a party for@carson for Becaming a Mod
Route: KLAX-MMTJ (Long Route)
Alt FL320
Spd: 0.85M
Plane: @Carson 747 AF1
Other Any Generic Livery
Flight Plan by Me (Callsign: JY-BAC)
Looking to See you there
Congratulations @Carson, You Really Deserve it!!!


Good idea for an event!

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Thank you!!, Coming???

Can’t. It’s 3 in the morning my time.

I may stop by 😏


I will try make it but no guarantee

Yeah sorry, that’s 2:30 am for me

Are you sure? I’m pretty sure 2030 is 330 PM EST

I believe there is a typo in the title…I think instead of “mod” it should be “maid” 😂😂😂😂 @Carson


Wow I’m dumb… I counted forward instead of backward! In that case it would be 2:30 pm for me, and I’m still in school unfortunately


if its 2:30 ET it must be 1:30 CT time ;(. Cant make it :(

Don’t timezones just suck…

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I think we should get night idiom installed on our eyeballs then have the night 24/7 instead of day…we can put a giant panel of glass around the earth that blocks out all sunlight.

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Would it be possible to reschedule to a later time? School’s still in for most Americans at 20:30Z. I personally would prefer something around 22:00Z.

Henrik i live in Abudhabi
Uts GMT+4
So 2030 is 0030am
Thats the Max
2200z is 2am here

Hmm… Maybe schedule it for a weekend? You’ll most likely get more attendees at your event and the time is more flexible.

Ok made it Later 24h

That would be a Friday afternoon for Americans. Most people are still in school at that time. Preferably a Saturday or Sunday.

School in Fridays???

Of course. School ranges from Monday to Friday. Saturday and Sunday are the only weekend days. That’s for most schools at least.

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