Carrying down to South

Welcome back to DFW, we will be taking this A321 down to Puerto Vallarta

Cleared for takeoff runway 18L, American 1215

Texas 🤝

We cruised at FL360, it was pretty calm around there

Hola Mexico 🇲🇽 👋

After 1 hours 55 minutes airborn, we started our descend to Puerto Vallarta

American 1215, winds 280 at 11knts, runway 22, cleared to land

Welcome to Puerto Vallarta p, everyone 😌🇲🇽✅

I really recommend doing this flight, this flight has soo many amazing views of Mexico, especially at descend, it was really gorgeous. I’ll let you know what FPL I used. Thank you guys for watching these photos. I’ll see you soon 👏🏽


Hello, nice photos! But as per guidelines, in your second pic, you have a display box shown. Thanks!