Carrots4Luke1 ATC Tracking Thread | CLOSED Permanently

No he’s not, I’ll change the title again ;)

Lol okay i noticed that it was like 6 hours so i commented on it :) Thankyou for noticing as well.

Oh, thanks again @Neeson52. I was busy with something else straight after finishing up.

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@ewanfleming By what you’re saying, it’s sounds like Carrots requested you to cross runway 04L then taxi to parking, which if this is the case, would be the right thing to do as you can’t taxi to parking whilst in between two runways. You should always request to cross a runway before requesting taxi to parking :)

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Thanks. As I said was a bit hazy on it. Guess you learn something new every day!

Yeah, just confirming it for ya, now you’ll know!

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