Carrots4Luke1 ATC Tracking Thread | CLOSED Permanently

C4L1 ATC Tracking Thread

Hey! Welcome to my ATC tracking thread!

This is the place where I will post when I open an airport, I welcome anyone to come along and test my ATC skills, feedback would be awesome!

I am training to become an IFATC Member and will be taking the practical test soon!



I saw a couple aircraft (5-6). Thanks to the ones that came, not sure if they were on the community or not. I might change this thread into an ATC tracking thread to centralise my ATC Operations.


Hopefully I can make it to your next session :-)


It says you’re open, but it says N/A. I am confusion.

N/A = Not Applicable/Available

I don’t see how you are confused.

The confusion is that it’s not clear WHERE you have opened.

Right now, the title of the post lists ‘open’, but I can’t work out which airport you have opened.

It says you’re open. Where?!

Title changed. Thanks @Neeson52

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Your welcome,
When is your next opening btw ? I’m interested to see control.

30 minutes from now I am planning to open up! Would love to see you!

Ah won’t be available, maybe next time 🙃

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I am opening up earlier than anticipated! OPEN @EDDL. Come fly in for some patterns or whatnot! Pop by and test my skills! Feedback appreciated. ;)

Just finished. @EDDL CLOSED

@Luke when is your next session?

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Probably a couple hours from now. ;)

Open @KSSC! Come along and do what you do best… fly! Charlotte region.

Will pop by for un petit peu.

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Overall, pretty nice. I was going to say flawless until I started taxiing to parking. The thing to do for a runway exit command would have been to say “exit runway when able, hold short of 04L” and then issued me a “taxi to parking” and then a “cross 04L” whenever felt right. I’m a little bit hazy on that however, not totally sure whether you should issue me the runway crossing before or after the taxi clearance.

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Ok thanks for the feedback and for popping by!

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still open their carrots?