Carrier landing competition @ KNKX - 191500ZJUN16

Server: Advanced

Region: SoCal

Airport: KNKX

Time: 1500Z

NOTAM: The aircraft for the competition will be the Cessna 208. Other aircraft are welcome to participate but will not be graded. More information will be posted later.


If anyone wants to be a judge for the competition, let me know.

I could do the grading of the landings!

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I am moving the event to next week. Sorry for the inconvenience.

Why is it a carrier landing?

The carrier isn’t added yet

How can you have any landing competition at a Naval air base without military aircraft… that is where the F14 is stationed much of the time…please explain why you chose it for prop landings…

Because there aren’t any arresting cables and arresting hooks.

Because it has a carrier deck there.

I don’t see it in IF. The carrier was added after the Dash update, so it’s not pushed to IF yet

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Oh now I see it!

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Or KNXP I bielieve also has the markings.

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Max Sez: Ya got my attention my friend @Narroc_Wim. Is the 19th still a good date?
@Recxx… No guts, No Glory… Max Sends


Whoa he’s alive where the heck have you been?

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Quick, someone make another carrier landing competition so Max comes back more often.


Gah! I’ll be on an island with limited internet on that day. Oh well. Have fun!


Why not 0% internet? Isolation too? So you can draw out some plans for UFOs? 😂

Hopefully the internet is good enough for some IF at night after the bar! :D

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Don’t drink and fly 😜

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This would be fun to do on the free flight server next time. Just so the people not in the pattern could park on the runway as if it were a real carrier.

I’ll be out there flying f-14 carrier patterns today, but I’ll keep my distance from the competition. Should be fun!

Are we ready?

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