Carrie Fisher has heart attack on United Flight

BREAKING Actress Carrie Fisher is in critical condition after a cardiac attack on flight #UA935 from London Heathrow to LAX



May the force be with the Princess. Seriously, hoping the best for her.


Happened in flight and emergency responders were doing CPR when they got to her. Doesn’t sound good.


That was my thinking as well.

I hope she’s okay😥

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May the force be with her.

Wow that’s awful!

uh no the princess from star wars

Sad to hear, hope she recovers

This will effect star wars 8

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Effect = Affect

Now reported as “in stable condition and out of emergency”.

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I felt a great disturbance in the force it was if a billion voices cried in shock but then weren’t silenced


My prayers go out to her family and herself.

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May the force be with her. Hope everything will be okay. I’m sad to see her in a critical condition :/

Any updates on her condition?

Actually just read she is now in stable condition. But still in the intensive care unit.

I’ve heard from several different websites. They can’t seem to make up their minds.

May the force be with her!

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Sadly Carrie fisher has died as her family took her ventilator off