Carribean Sea F22 Racing AR_AR WINS @ TFFR - 302200ZMAY16

Server: Free Flight

Region: Carribean

Airport: TFFR

Time: 2200Z

NOTAM: Aircraft allowed : F-22

Hello guys, this is an air race i want to make with you guys.

From TFFR to TNCM, wo will be the fast?


  1. Fly to the lowest altitude you can, try to not crash
  2. The race start will be given when all aircraft are on runway 30 ready to take off
  3. The race start by my ATC message : “FDS301, taking off runway 30, departing straight out”
  4. **You can’t start the race in another airport and the landing should be in the runway 10 at TNCM
  5. You finish the race when you are off the runway with 0kt GS. (please dont stay at outers, take a gate place.
  6. Results will be announced here.

##I need

  • One person in TNCM checks the arrival order.

##Hope to see you all there :)



Sounds fun!

if I attend get ready to be beat😉

starting in 2h10!

Is the race still going on?

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No rescheduled to 29

I’m waiting at TFFR. Nobody is here?

You do know that flying low and fast in the f22 and result in a uncontrollable spin and resulting in a stall causing you to crash right?

Nah, you can fly at Mach 2 under 500ft with no problem.

I’m here if anyone wants to race.

guys, Sorry for not coming i had a problem with my phone.

A second round is planned in eleven hours, make sure to come!

30MAY16 @ 2200Z - TFFR RUNWAY 30

Will be there in around 5 minutes! I’m BA039

Yay! 2nd!!

I won. Lol. The trick is you need to know how to decelerate rapidly and land quickly.

I think I was third I landed at the end part of the runway

I first realized that I was going to be 2nd because everyone bounced on their landing and had to go around

I don’t think @grxninesix was even there.


Grxninesix do you have official places

Someone was waiting at tcnm but left before we landed I think.

Ok just wondering

Regardless, this was fun with the ~9 people that showed up.

Anyone take screenshots?