Carribean Region Expansion

Does anyone know if the Carribean region will be expanded? I bought it thinking that it had the Dominican Republic and Puerto Rico on it(Only reason for me buying it). (I tried putting this in the correct category but I do not have the option yet.)


I don’t have any knowledge of the region being expanded, nor have I heard any rumours unfortunately buddy

okay, thank you

Welcome to the forum Alan!
I love this idea great suggestion, this region is one of the smaller ones.
Have fun:)


If you want to see how a region looks like, there is a great site make by Kilt, linked below:

Thanks Samuel and thank you Carson.

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One of my first posts. I hope this is being considered. I noticed that a lot of the regions that have close airports dont get used as much. Maybe this will change that.

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If it were expanded, it should be fairly large. I think the region should cover as far North of the Bahamas, West of Haiti, east of Barbados, and as far south of Aruba