Carribean madness @TNCM 082000ZFEB20

Howdy 🤠,
I’m back with my carribean madness, this time we’ll do it more Winnair style.
In case you don’t know what Winnair is: Winnair is the local airline with its hub at TNCM. Their fleet only consists of Twin Otters.

But the madness we’re gonna do, let’s talk about that now. We’ll be spawning at TNCM, fly to St. Eustatius. Fun fact about that airport is that it’s located between 2 volcanoes, so the wind can be a little tricky.
After St Eustatius we’ll be flying to the famous St. Barthélemy. Do a touch and go and then go back to TNCM.
We’ll be refueling there for the last trip to TNCC. That takes about an hour

Flight details

  • Aircraft and Livery: TBM 930, livery your choice


  • Time of Departure: 2000Z

  • Server: training

  • Additional Information:
    For the TNCM-TNCC route we’ll be cruising at 23.000ft with an airspeed of 275 knots.

Hope to see you there

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I’m attending an ATC Training Session from 19:30-20:00Z but I can just make it. I can’t do the last leg to TNCC and will instead fly to TNCS.

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No problem, thanks for joining😊

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Hey mate, I’m really sorry but something came up and I can’t make it.


Unable to join, got an event.


Ok, no problem🙂


When is it?

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In about an hour

This groupflight is cancelled

No one wanted to attend, sadly…