Caribean crossing

In a situation like this what do I do?

I literally have no taxi ways (this is Advanced server) and no ground to ask da runway cross which would mostly have been me taxiing along the runway till I got to the taxiway. I had to quit and go find a new spot because this worthless isolated parking spot is awful 😂😂 here in the Caribbean
Am I supposed to taxi alongside of it on that itty bitty piece of black?

wait til you are clear and back taxi on the runway

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Why are you spawning in GA Aircraft parking in an a320? That parking is exclusively for smaller aircraft.


I know I accidentally spawned there lol. I quit because I had to move but still…how do smaller aircraft get to runway 10 when this runway is closed?

Mow the grass. I’d inch up to the runway, contact tower and request takeoff.
Worst case scenario is they backtrack you up the other end and off you go. Best case scenario you get cleared for takeoff and head out straight away.

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They book it to the nearest possible exit, and just pray that no other aircraft is on final. Plus, TNCM is not NEARLY as busy in real life as it is in Infinite Flight.

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Contact Tower and request take off, the tower will then let you back taxi the runway. :)


Lol okay good haha otherwise I felt so bad for the pilots who are in confusion like me!

And I like your answer lol

Please make titles as descriptive and concise as possible. Reading this title, I have no idea what this is about.


This is always tricky, and you have to hope the controller knows what your intentions are. I would hold short of the runway, and connect to tower frequency, then state you’re ready for takeoff on the active runway. Hopefully the controller has the brains to realize a back taxi is required.


Hey Emil, I was Caribbean 21 29 and you were Juliana approach. You were amazing at it!!! I loved having control on where everyone was flying!

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I think you may be confused, this doesn’t sound like Emil’s controlling.


By the way, this taxiway at TNCM has been removed to avoid conflicts like this one.


Thanks man! Glad you enjoyed it!

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Obviously it does m. Try and control a bit yourself huh?

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You are an amazing absolutely amazing controller!!! Don’t ever leave us @Emil_Broe

Thanks a lot, Man! Really appreciate it. :) Trust me, I´ll never do so.


How do you do it!?

I´m not better than anyone else - I just do my job as a controller, and do my best to give the best possible service to the pilots. :)