Caribbean Virtual Presents: Miami to the Islands Tour (26MAY24)


Join us on Sunday, May 26th as we fly around the Caribbean! The route takes us from Miami down to the Bahamas, then continues over to Jamaica. Join for just one leg or the whole event! Enjoy the beauty of this incredible region from the cockpit of the Caribbean 737-800 with one of the newest Virtual Airlines!


This event is open to everyone with access to the Expert Server!

First Leg
Departure: KMIA at 1700Z
Arrival: MYNN at 1735Z
Estimated Flight Time: 35 minutes

Second Leg
Departure: MYNN at 1800Z
Arrival: MKJP at 1915Z
Estimated Flight Time: 1 hour 15 minutes

More Info
Aircraft: Boeing 737-800
Livery: Caribbean Airlines
Total Time: About 2.5 hours

*All times are estimated and are subject to change due to potential high traffic levels on these routes.


For this event, we will not be utilizing gate assignments. To sign up, simply respond below and we will add you to the list. More information will be sent out to you on the morning of May 26th.


KMIA, MYNN, and MKJP are all on the ATC Schedule for May 26. Please expect to have active controllers. If any frequencies are closed, please utilize the CTAF frequencies as necessary and maintain proper spacing from other aircraft. We are not responsible for any reports or violations.


Caribbean Virtual is a newly certified virtual airline, setting itself apart with a unique blend of authenticity, community engagement, and commitment to excellence. Among the beautiful, blue Caribbean Sea, our airline captures the essence of island life providing pilots with an unparalleled experience. Our flights replicate the operations of the real-world airline, ensuring that every flight, route, and interaction remains realistic. We invite you to join us on this journey.



Unfortunately won’t be able to come as my Community Event is at KMIA during this time (that’s why the airport is featured).

It’s smart to have events on days with ATC service to guarantee service and increase attendee numbers!