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IFVARB Approved

2018, Here We Come!
Welcome to the official thread of Caribbean Virtual. We strive to provide our pilots with the most excitement possible. Founded in late January of 2018, we set our goals high when it comes to having the most realism. We are constantly working on new updates that we are sure our pilots will enjoy!

Staff Members
We do not invest our time into staff members that wont do their job. We make sure all of our staff members know what they are doing, and that they are doing it right. If you are interested in a staff position, please pm me with the position you would like. Please be ready for us to test you on whatever it is.

CEO: @MrAlaska
Events Manager: OPEN
Flight Logger: OPEN
Media Manager: OPEN
Discord Moderator: @Connor_Seymour

If you are not seeing a rank you would like, please PM me about the rank, and you will be on you’re way!

Only having one current aircraft in our fleet - we try our hardest to use it to it’s fullest potential.

Boeing 737-800


We have few requirements for our pilots, because we do not want to turn down a interested pilot. Here are the rules:

Must Be Grade 2 Or Higher - This rule is in place because it shows that you are somewhat active on the Infinite Flight App, and you somewhat know how to operate a plane in this flight simulator.

Must Have Discord - Discord is our main source of communication. We chose this over Slack because you can set custom ranks on other people, and much more.

If you do not meet either, or both of these requirements, please pm MrAlaska to negotiate.

Our website is If you have any recommendations, or fixes, please tell a staff member ASAP!

Thank You for reading Caribbean Virtual’s official thread. This thread, and the virtual airline Will be updated later on, and pilots will have an awesome experience. We hope you can join our Virtual Airline, and hope you have a safe journey!


Oh, this VA looks amazing


Nicely put together!

Great job ;)

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Sweet looking va sorry can’t join just filled my open spaces in my schedule


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