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Opening Message:

Welcome to the official thread of the IFVARB-Approved Caribbean Virtual Airlines. We thank you for taking the time to check out our Virtual Airline. Through this thread, we hope to demonstrate to you the exceptional services and community that we provide to pilots in our tight-knit VA. Please consider taking your next big VA step and flying on the Caribbean Team.

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We give our pilots and passengers a standout experience in the Virtual Airline Category. Caribbean Virtual aims to give an amazing experience within a safe and professional environment. In short, we offer pilots a dedicated staff team, friendly and professional atmosphere, diverse aircraft and route selections, a sleek crew centre, and unparalleled training resources.

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Routes & Fleet

Through an extensive route system, Caribbean Virtual can take you all across from the world. Most of our 125+ routes stem from our main hub, Piarco International Airport. With everything from short island hops to Trans-Atlantic routes, we have you covered.

Our fleet is able to offer exclusivity within diversity to pilots. Confused? Allow us to explain. Our mainline routes are operated by 3 main aircraft, allowing you to hone in on specific types and build your skills. Feel like branching out? Take a ride on one of our 14 codeshare aircraft. We truly offer something for everyone.

Click here for comprehensive information on our Routes and Fleet.


Our comprehensive route chart includes all mainline aircraft.

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We want the best for our pilots at Caribbean Virtual. That’s why we do everything in our power to provide the most helpful resources to all VA members. See detailed information on the programs we provide below.

Crew Centre

We provide a professional and easy to use phpVMS Crew Center with all of our routes and fleet. Pilots can bid on flights, see routes, file pilot reports, and gain hours in no time!

Training Resources

We currently provide detailed reference cards and handbooks to pilots. These documents provide checklists and performance tables that assist pilots in the operation of our aircraft, from pushback to shut down, as well as everything from climb speeds to maximum landing weights.

Booking System

Pilots are paired with virtual passengers through our professional, easy to use booking site. Virtual passengers can schedule their next trip with Caribbean, then pilots will have the option to bid on these flights, fly them, and earn 2x the normal hours!

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Through our internal and public events, everyone gets to experience fun, scenic flights with others! Want to join us? Below, you can check out some examples of awesome events we’ve participated in in the past, and our upcoming events!

IFAE-GAF Joint Humanitarian Efforts

Joint Humanitarian Efforts with IFAE-GAF Underway

As Hurricane Issac approached, Caribbean Virtual teamed up with IFAE and GAF to deliver supplies as well as evacuate civilians in at-risk areas. We loaded C130s and C17s with cargo, as well as Caribbean Airlines B738s to the brim.

Take a look around the region and you would have found lots of aircraft in the airspace running flights between TTPP and KHST as this was an ‘all hands on deck’ mission for Caribbean Virtual Pilots. Commercial operations were paused until the termination of relief efforts. These efforts continued until 11 August 2018 at 11:59 PST.

We would also like to take this opportunity to thank all real-life first responders who will help with whatever this hurricane throws at us. Your efforts mean a lot more than ours ever will.


Upcoming Events

Coming very soon!

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Our staff team is comprised of highly qualified individuals who are here to help you with anything you need. They run our daily operations. Don’t hesitate to direct a question our way!

Staff Team
Name IFC Username Position
Riley Moyer @rileymoyer President & CEO
“Plane Masta” @Plane_Masta Vice President
Kshitiz Neeraw @kznawsm Senior Advisor
Clinton Stack @Clinton_Stack1 Hub Operations Manager

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Like what we have to offer? Join the Caribbean Family!
After reviewing your application, we will contact you on the IFC. Please allow 72 hours for this process to conclude.

At least a Grade 2 Pilot & 12 Years of Age
Access to our Communication App, Slack
In Good Standing with the IFC & IFVARB
Able to Comply with all Rules Outlined in our Pilot Handbook

08071734_imageedit_2_5713094372_50 Contact imageedit_2_5713094372_50

Anything you think we left out? Just need to get in touch? There are multiple ways via multiple platforms that we can chat.

Contact Us
Platform Contact
Private Message @Caribbean_Virtual
Instagram caribbean_virtual


— Published Quarter 1, 2019 —


Hello, and thank you for checking out Caribbean Virtual’s new thread, updated for 2019!

As you may have seen above, we are looking for two new staff members: a flight supervisor and internal operations manager. If you are interested, please apply here. The form will remain open until a qualified applicant is selected. Best of luck.

Again, welcome to our new thread, and we hope to see you in the sky! Happy New Year!

Riley Moyer
CVA President & CEO



One more reminder that applications for flights supervisor and internal operations manager are still open. You can apply here.

Thank you to all that have applied already. We hope to make some decisions tomorrow.

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Staffing Update

Caribbean Virtual is excited to welcome @Alex_p to our team as Internal Operations Manager. We look forward to working with him to guide the Virtual Airline in the best possible direction.

Applications for Flights Supervisor remain open. Think you would be a good fit? Apply here.

Riley Moyer
President & CEO, Caribbean Virtual


Over the past week, we have been doing some staffing changes and airline restructuring to make the Virtual Airline better for all. As part of this, applications are currently on hold. We thank you for your patience during this waiting period and look forward to serving you soon.

Shortly, you will see some news here with the changes we have made to the VA. We hope these are satisfactory for all and allow it to excel.

Again, thank you for your patience, and we hope to see you on the other side.

Riley Moyer
President & CEO, Caribbean Virtual

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